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Eco-ON is an odour neutralizer which eliminates odour by not masking them. It leaves a faint lingering scent & improves the air quality in areas used. The Eco-ON dispenser will automatically dispense based on the different set frequencies.



Set includes:

1 x Dispenser, 4 x Eco-On Refills

Automated Eco-ON Pack (With 4 Refills)

SKU: H07
  • Our seasonal selection of scents:


    Citrus Lavender - A delightful, complementary blend of two popular fragrances; citrus and lavender. The initial experience is that of citrus, which gradually gives way to the lavender notes.


    Eucalyptus - Great for clearing airways, has antiseptic properties! 


    Lavender -  A traditional fragrance that never ceases to be popular. Made with the natural essential oils from the Lavender plant, this is a timeless fragrance. 


    Tarifa - The smell of clean linen

  • How long would it last?

    - The 1 dispensor with 3 refills will last for around 3 months

    Area of coverage?

    - The area of coverage is a typical common room size (4x7x2.6).

    How to use it?

    - It can be installed through a few simple steps on a wall or with a display stand that is above 1.8m.

    Is there warranty?

    - 1 year warranty 

    Is it to be used Everyday or when required?

    - highly recommended to use daily as 24hr protection is constant and it is easy to use.

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